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The History of D&Tea

The story of D&Tea is the story of campaigns stretching late into the night and of adventuring parties enjoying warm brews as they negotiate in Elven Bazaars or kick off brawls in taverns regarding the price of room and board. Like all the best role playing experiences, it is the story of escaping into another world and being cozy while doing it. We are first and foremost RPG nerds – and we know that the best role playing experiences need great players and great drinks. In our own games we would often introduce thematic elements into the real world: background music, tavern food, and “potions” of various kinds. Now, we have no problem sharing a good ale or fine wine at the gaming table for adventurers of age, but for those games that last many hours (as the best ones surely do!) or to include those who don’t partake (and our games have always been about including any who want to play!), D&Tea is the civilized, cozy, delicious and evocative drink for discerning adventurers!

While we got our start around our own gaming table, the first time we thought about creating RPG-themed tea products for others was at PAX: South 2019. We had our own collection of teas we enjoyed at home and had delighted in naming them for the environments they reminded us of: the Palace Elixir, the Feywild Dreams. As always happens at conventions, we love sharing stories of our gaming table with other players and we began telling people about our teas we enjoyed while playing games, enthusing to others of the power of smell and taste to add that extra level of immersion into the role playing. People started to ask, “okay so where can we buy your tea?!” Well, that turned out to be a great question, and one that kicked of a year of trialing different blends, designing packaging and ..


The story of D&Tea is the story of the drinkers of D&Tea. We got our start sharing a humble 10×10 booth at PAX: South scooping our tea directly into paper bags that were placed on a $5 Amazon Basic scale. It was the amazing reviews of our tea and literal calls to the organizers of PAX that got us a booth at PAX: East and C2E2 where once again we had hundreds of people asking for our website asking us to set up a web presence. We liked the idea of selling our tea exclusively at cons, a way to directly connect with our customers and a reason to be on the road going to conventions.

When 2020 rolled around, we had to make changes, and during the year we tried to figure out what the best and safest way was to blend and distribute our tea. Finally, all the way in 2021 we had figured out our game plan and stopped trying to focus on having a perfect Kickstarter and just launched what we had. At the end of our Kickstarter we the second highest funded and second highest backed (close to tied) tea Kickstarter in the history of the site.

Today, we are doing what we’ve always done: Focused on delivering the highest quality product with a focus on giving you a fully immersive RPG experience.

What is D&Tea?

D&Tea is a tea company focused on blending teas that make your campaign awesome. Of course, you can drink our tea anywhere for any reason… but when you sip a cup of Underdark & Chill while you’re in the corresponding environment, the scent and flavours will teleport you into the world that’s being crafted around you. We want our teas to provide a level of immersion into your games that you have never had before.