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Backordered Products

We really want you to buy whatever product you have in your cart. Having your money be our money is one of our favourite things, but above that love is our love of having great customer experiences and so we want to take a moment to address how long you might be waiting for backordered products.

Below is more information about how long you may be waiting for your backordered product. That said, we are in unprecedented times in shipping and these could be under or over the real life numbers. Sometimes, rarely, when we get back logged, by the time we have fulfilled all our backorders we are already out of stock again. The best way to ensure you get your product as fast as possible is to backorder it and we will process the oldest orders first.

Rough & Tumblers

Our Rough & Tumblers are produced in China, due to their weight it’s very expensive for us to air ship them so they are shipped by sea (but we use the fastest ships we can). In the days before shipping delays we could have our tumblers delivered in 25 days, but now we have seen orders take as long as 65 days. We won’t know when the product is arriving until about 3 days before we actually receive it.

If your tumbler is backordered, you may be waiting a bit to get it. If your order is time sensitive shoot us a message and we try to give you a better estimate of when the specific design you want will come back in stock.


We try to keep most tea in stock all the time. That said, sometimes due to some post on social media or something we quickly run out of a type of tea. When this happens we make more tea. In the worst case scenario new tea will take 3 weeks to arrive in our warehouse, however, we are always making more tea and keeping the warehouse in stock and so any delay will likely only be a couple of days.