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About Us

D&Tea is a values driven company focused on selling the highest quality tea with exceptional customer service to the most awesome nerds in the world. You can check out our Commitments page to view our company from an ethics perspective. Being founded in 2019 we went from a small company just scooping tea and putting them into paper bags at a convention to now having branded packaging, barcodes, and every once in a while the owners can get paid.

This growth came, not from us, but from the fantastic support we have had from the most amazing people we’ve ever met. It’s people like you who drive the growth around this company. No marketing budget could ever compete from the power of a new (or old) fan who’s hopped up on their first cup of Underdark & Chill.


Travis Peacock (He/They) – CEO / Co-Founder
Travis initially came up with the name D&Tea and then had to build the entire company around the name. Travis likes playing games with his two kids Finn and Ellie and trying to always be there for his partner.

Gideon Jones (He/Him) – Co-Founder
Gideon has come from a long line of tea drinkers being British. Gideon has been playing Dungeons and Dragons since he was a young boy and today owns his own house and is building a dedicated shed to play games in.