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Mission Statement: Be bold. Be honest. Do better.

As the world evolves, it’s important for a business to lay it’s values out and to ensure that they stay true to the values they were founded on. We would like to use this page to provide a list of our commitments to ourselves, our community, and beyond. We are not here to evangelize, we are not here to shame others, we are here as a point to ourselves.

Our Commitments

D&Tea is committed to

  • Delivering the highest levels of quality in both customer service and product.
  • Compensating artists and ensuring that those that create are treated with respect and dignity.
  • Ending sexual harassment, discrimination, and other inappropriate behaviours in both our business and our community.
  • Reducing our impact on the environment.

Where we’ve come from

We have failed throughout our history on every single point above at some point or another. It’s important to address these issues and not shy away from them. Growth can be forged through the crucibles of hindsight and true self evaluation. D&Tea should not be complacent in having a page dedicated to who we want to be, without regular re-assessment that we are, in fact, working to achieve them.

Where we go from here

Any person at any level of our business should feel comfortable calling out our errors so we can address them, and it’s management’s job not to become defensive but engage and be self critical. We have screwed up, we will screw up more, be open, be transparent, and let’s do better this time.