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How much tea is in a bag of tea?

All D&Tea brand tea is 4oz which makes about 30-40 cups depending on how much tea you use.

How much is shipping?

Our shipping is a flat rate of $6 in the US and various other flat rates around the world being no more than $20.

How much caffeine is in your tea?

All our teas except the herbal teas (those in red bags and labeled herbal) are caffeinated. Generally, our green teas are lower in caffeine than our black teas but we have not evaluated the amounts. As a ballpark you will get somewhere between 30mg and 50mg (for a reference, a cup of coffee will go up to around 100mg). We are super excited about not only caffeine but the way it works in our tea.

Caffeine in tea is slow released, so not only are you getting less of it, you are getting it at a more controlled rate. This means none of the gitters, but all of the massive benefits of caffeine. You should totally listen to Michael Pollan’s audiobook “Caffeine” which is a pretty great history of the stuff.

Are you in my local game store?

Almost certainly not, there are a couple stores we are trialing a partnership with but we have really fun things coming down the pipe. Make sure you ask your FLGS to carry D&Tea. You can directly support us here on our own store, you can also find us on Amazon in the United States and soon Canada.

If I wanted to learn more about you as a company where would I look?

You can learn more about our commitments here and you can learn more about us on our about us page.

What is your 30 day money back guarantee?

If you don’t like the product message us within 30 days and we will give you a full refund. It’s not “no questions asked” we are going to ask a few questions, because we want to have the best product we can have and want to find out what we can do to cater to you better. We might give you brewing tips or other things to try to see if that helps you enjoy it more. However, if you still don’t like it we will give you your money back. We want you to tell your friends “I really didn’t like the tea, but I really did love that D&Tea person who helped me”.