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Maritime Misadventures

Welcome to Maritime Misadventures, a nautical adventure brought to you by D&Tea. You meet a grizzled Captain Stanwood who promises you fortune in exchange for you going on his voyage. You will meet a yeti, rough seas, and more.

Here is the opening words read to the adventurers on this campaign:

As you rest inside the Inn, with the atmosphere getting warmer and the smell of ale filling the air around you, the door opens and a tall man dressed in a blue cloak, wearing a blue captain’s hat enters the Inn. ‘A round of ale for everyone inside the Inn.’ he screams and everyone in the Inn claps and cheers for him. The man walks slowly, inspecting everyone inside main room, when his eyes lock on you. He grabs a few glasses of Ale from the bartender and approaches your table passing the glasses around

Chapter One:

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