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☕D&Tea Update!

 We’re excited to share some news about our evolving team and renewed focus on our mission. As part of our ongoing commitment to delivering the best tea adventures, we are welcoming Priya as our new Business Manager. She will be responsible for day-to-day operations, event planning and strategy once she has had a chance to get up to speed. We are really excited for the many improvements there are to make.

Travis, our former CEO, has stepped back from the company to focus on their mental health and personal growth. We wish them luck in future endeavors. Gideon will be stepping into the role of interim CEO, guiding our company through this phase of growth and reaffirming our dedication to our values. As we move forward, our focus remains on being bold, honest, and doing better – for ourselves, our community, and beyond.

We’re also on the lookout for a talented communications manager to manage our socials. Please bear with us as we fill this role, and know that we may be less responsive on social media during this time.

Finally, thank you. You’ve let us know what you love about our brand and also what you expect from us. We are fortunate to have a community that shares our values and holds us accountable to the things we believe. Some things we cannot do (teapots shaped like Teiflings are really hard to make), for everything else: we promise to do our best.

Warm regards,

The D&Tea Team

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